• Types and applications of expanded metal mesh

    The expanded metal mesh can be divided into many different types according to its uses ,such as high-altitude platform pedals, mechanical protective covers, highway fences, railway fences, foundation pit slope protection, interior decoration, ceiling ceilings, machinery manufacturing, construction machinery protection, roof pouring, walls Plastering, car partitions, working platforms of automobile factory workshops, shipbuilding and repairing, construction projects, field fences, northeast granaries, scaffolding pedals, etc.

    Slope protection expanded metal mesh: 100-knife expanded metal mesh, thickness of about 1.0-2.0mm, features: light weight, high tensile strength, easy construction, low price, function: can effectively strengthen the firmness of the sidewall of the foundation pit, and ensure the foundation pit Safety of surrounding and underground construction personnel


    (2) Scaffolding expanded metal mesh: 80-knife thick expanded metal mesh, namely 4mm expanded metal mesh, features: non-slip, wear-resistant, large bearing capacity, high tensile strength, and can be used repeatedly. Function: Scaffolding expanded metal mesh can effectively prevent high-altitude workers from unexpected safety incident.




    (3) Expanded steel mesh for guardrail: It adopts diamond-shaped expanded steel mesh, the pitch of the expanded wire mesh is 50x100mm, the thickness is 3-4mm, and the surface is PVC coated to prevent rust and corrosion. It is also called PVC coated expanded mesh. Features: strong impact resistance, ventilation, light transmission, It is not easy to climb and has a beautiful appearance. Function: The steel mesh fence can be used as a fence of various venues to prevent theft and illegal acts.




    (4) Round-hole expanded metal mesh: using perforated metal mesh, aperture: 5-30mm, hole distance: 5-20mm, function: round-hole perforated mesh as a protective cover for mechanical equipment, can effectively prevent the staff's hands, toes, clothes, Accidents caused by contact of the head, feet and other parts with the equipment.




    (5) 304 stainless steel expanded metal mesh: It adopts diamond-shaped hole shape, the aperture and thickness can be processed and produced according to the user, characteristics: high temperature resistance, strong acid, strong alkali, strong corrosion resistance, function: used for equipment platforms in chemical plants and heavy industry polluted areas, mechanical protection, The powerful product features such as filtration can prolong the service life of the expanded metal mesh.

    (6) Ceiling expanded metal mesh: 1.0x5.0mm thick anti-glare mesh, characteristics: sound absorption, light weight, beautiful, simple construction, no daily maintenance, function: ceiling expanded metal mesh is used in large conference halls, cinemas, karaoke halls, hotels, station ticket halls , Platform and other ceilings.


    Post time: Jul-23-2021