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    Gabion box also named gabion basket, Gabion Wire Mesh, Gabion Mesh China Rockfall Mesh ,China Rockfall Netting ,Rockfall Protection Netting,are stone baskets made of wire mesh. They are suitable for outdoor and indoor use. Several gabion wire meshes can be connected together and are ideal solution for privacy protection.
    The spiral gabion meshes will be put together with the help of the spirals, which will be set in the lattice edges, so that no additional, special tools are required.

    Material for welded gabion box: Galvanized iron wire and PVC coated wire,Galfan (95%zinc-5%Alu Alloy) low carbon steel wire, which has good ability of resistance corrosion.

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    Welded Gabioncages are used in many situations including the stabilization of earth movement and erosion,river control,reservoirs,canal refurbishment,landscaping and retaining walls,etc.


    (1) Low cost,easy to install,high efficiency

    (2) High zinc coating to assure of anti-rust and anit-corrosive

    (3) Strong withstand natural damage and ability to resist the influence of bad weather

    (4) High security


    (1) Galvanized steel wire: high quality low carbon steel wire,wire diameter 2.0mm -4.0mm. The tensile strength of steel wire shall be more than 380 Mpa. Protected by Hot dipped galvanized,galvanized thickness can be required by cuntomers,the Max is 300g/m². Heavy zinc-coated wire(EN10244-2 240g/m²)

    (2) Zinc - 5%Aluminum - Mixed rare earth alloy steel wire (Galfan wire):Corrosion resistance is more than three times of the traditional pure galvanized. Wire diameter 1.0mm-3.0mm,The tensile strength of steel wire shall be more than 1380 Mpa

    (3) Pvc coated wire(Pvc thickness:0.38-0.5mm)


    50sets,80sets per bundle,package by wood pallet or iron pallet + plastic film

    Place of origin: hebei,China

    Port of loading: xingang,China


    Hot-selling size:50x50mm,76.2x76.2mm,75x100mm,50x100mm,100x100mm

    Wire diameter/mm Aperture/mm Box size/Length*Width*Height/cm
    3,4,5 single wire 50x50,50x100,75x75 30x30x60,50x50x50,50x50x100,50x50x200,100x100x100,100x200x200 etc
    4,5,6 single wire 50x100,50x200,100x100
    5,6,8 single wire 50x200,100x100
    4/4/4 double wire 50x100,50x200 Length and height according to your require,thickness could be 15cm,20cm,30cm,50cm etc
    Used for fence
    5/4/5 double wire 50x100,50x200
    6/5/6 double wire 50x100,50x200

    Welded gabion box (2)

    Welded gabion box (3)
    Welded gabion box (4)
    Welded gabion box (5)
    Welded gabion box (1)

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