• Types and characteristics of fencing nets

    There are many kinds of fences and various raw materials. What kind of fence is suitable for you? Therefore, we must understand the types and characteristics of commonly used fence nets, so that we can choose for our own use. Next, the guardrail sister will talk about the types and characteristics of these guardrails.


    Highway fence nets, railway fence nets, breeding fence nets, enclosure fence nets, workshop storage fence nets, sports fence nets.

    Common types and characteristics of highway fence nets

    Bilateral wire fence: It is often used for closed or semi-closed protection on both sides of the road to prevent traffic inconvenience caused by vehicles, pedestrians, and livestock. The most common application is the highway isolation network. It is characterized by low cost and high cost performance.

    Frame fence: It is often used as an enclosed protection on both sides of the railway to prevent the inconvenience of traffic caused by the random entry and exit of vehicles, pedestrians, and livestock. The characteristic is sturdy and durable, not afraid of wind and rain.

    Common types and characteristics of railway fence

    Frame fence nets: The commonly used frame fence nets on railways are divided into straight frame fence nets and bent frame fence nets. The straight-frame fence net has no protrusion at the top, and there is no 30-degree bend, while the bent frame fence net has a 30-degree bend at the top and protrudes outside the frame. They are characterized by more robustness and durability, which are manifested in the appearance of smaller meshes, thicker wire diameters, and larger frame wall thicknesses.

    Triangular bending fence net: It is a very powerful fence net currently being squeezed into various fields. It is characterized by high cost performance, greater height, and uneven lines, which is very beautiful. The column can be a peach-shaped column or a general column.

    Common species and characteristics of breeding fence

    Dutch net: a simple type of fence net, the mesh is square, the size is divided into: 5*5CM and 6*6CM, the weft is wavy, so it is also called wave fence net, the surface is covered with plastic, divided into hard plastic and foamed plastic Two categories, the diameter of the plastic wire is generally 2-3 mm. The characteristic is that the installation, transportation and production are very simple and convenient, and the cost performance is super high.

    Chain Link Fence: A kind of iron net made by pre-bending weaving and interlocking the mesh with a diamond-shaped mesh. It is characterized by good impact resistance and low cost.

    Cow pen net: larger mesh, mainly used for breeding larger cattle, horses, sheep, etc. It is characterized by limited application range, high cost performance, and easy installation and removal.

    Common types and characteristics of enclosure fence

    Dutch net: It is often used in enclosures of various terrains. It can be used for breeding or planting flowers and trees. Its height is commonly used in 1M|1.2M|1.5M|1.8M|2.0M, and the length is 30 meters per roll. .

    Double-sided wire fence: It can be used as enclosure in relatively flat areas, with fixed dimensions and certain restrictions during installation. The regular size is 3*1.8M. Refer to the introduction in the highway fence.

    Barbed wire fence: a relatively primitive, but very effective, simple fence net, which is drawn and crossed by barbed wires to form a barbed net wall. The feature is simple and straightforward. The column can be any usable object, such as wooden piles, steel pipes, trees, concrete members, and so on.

    Common types and characteristics of workshop storage fence nets

    There are many types of fences used for workshop storage isolation, including frame fences, expanded metal fences, chain link fences, mesh fences, triangular bent fences, bilateral wire fences, and so on. When the fence height is high, it is necessary to use frame fence, expanded metal fence, chain link fence, etc., which are divided into several layers and installed.

    Common types and characteristics of sports fence nets

    Chain link fence: the chain link fence is used as the net body, and the edges are supported by steel pipes. It is characterized by sturdiness and superior impact resistance, and high cost performance.

    Expanded mesh fence: Expanded mesh is used as the net body, and the edges are supported by steel pipes. It is characterized by sturdiness and strong impact resistance, and the price is average.

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